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Running Head: Halliburton


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Halliburton is one of the world largest providers of products and services in the energy industry. Their products and services range from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data to drilling, formation evaluation and construction services. Although Halliburton’s vision is to provide comprehensive services to companies from the eastern to the western hemisphere, their actual procedures have left much to be desired. The company has gone through some negative publicity for exercising developing questionable business practices that have impacted the American taxpayer. In this paper I will evaluate Halliburton’s planning approaches, analyze the influence of their corporate structure and their management initiatives.

According to the Halliburton website (2009), the company consists of two divisions: Drilling and Evaluation and Completion/Production. Drilling and Evaluation provide its customers with an array of services that include: Baroid fluid services, Sperry drilling services, security drill bits, Wireline and Perforating services and Landmark and Project management. On the other hand, the completion and production division concentrates on delivering production enhancement services such as cementing, intervention and completion services. With so many responsibilities, Halliburton’s management style and initiatives must be socially responsible and professionally aligned with its mission.

In order for Halliburton to be successful, the company must have effective planning strategies that work. Halliburton’s key to effective planning lies on their ability to keep their employees safe, employing its people according to their capabilities and developing technologies and financial initiatives that bring confidence to its customers. Furthermore, Halliburton’s planning initiatives derive from several job performance initiatives. These include: the...

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