Halifax Seaport Market

Topics: Management, Control theory, Decision making Pages: 4 (865 words) Published: February 25, 2014
What is the main decision that needs to be made? What factors did you consider in arriving at the decision? What are the decision options and what are their pros and cons? What decision do you recommend and why? How should the decision be implemented? Main decision consideration

Issue: Page 12: several farmers move their business from seaport to the historical market. 1.Whether or not HPA should commit to being the market’s operator. ( yes) •Pace ( How far they should move):

hire slow and fire fast
HPA’s mandate was to “develop, market, and manage its assess in order to foster and promote trade and transportation;” rented the facilities to other organization. Whether the port’s priorities were being served more favorably than the market’s. •Style

-Participated ( page4) Oldfield embarked on an extensive process that involved HPA’s Board member, employees, customers and other stakeholders in research and discussion on what we did and what we should do and what we shouldn’t. •Management team

SMT not only for their expertise and experience but also for their ability to work well in a team setting. For example: VP of real estate joins the team. Hiring was based on identifying potential employees with the requisite qualification and little regard for “fit”. Every serious candidate across the board meets with the CEO. •Organization structure Chapter 12( functional or Geographical): -Flat structure, fewer levels relative to company size, quick response and flexible. Easy to communicate in the company; it takes short position for the decision making; it can take short time for top managers to learn how well the actions based upon their decision work. Reduce distortion of commands and orders; simplify their structures and downsizing their work-force to reduce their cost structure ; Long history of rules, procedures and policies

Decentralized to centralize: (functional area to senior management team) current structure focus to the...
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