Half way around the world

Topics: Culture of India, Family, India Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Half Way Around the World
Getting a chance to travel halfway around the world during school seemed like a very good choice until I reached there. It was my first time traveling outside of the U.S and I sure was excited for this trip of a lifetime until I got there. I was on my way to India, or to be exact, New Delhi. You can say traveling to other countries just gives me a lot of joy. Whether it be trying new foods or even to go see the beautiful artwork, wildlife, traditions, and their lifestyle of living. When I reached the airport, I understood that it wasn’t a good choice, but instead a really great one. I wear American clothes, eat American food, and do what the average American does. I didn’t really know too much about Indian culture except for the fact that they made their food really spicy compared to other countries. My parents always tried to tell me how rich Indian traditions were, but I was never able to understand. I finally understood my precious culture when I attended my aunt’s traditional and arranged wedding. This trip was one of the most memorable journeys of my life. It was a normal school day when my parents told me the great news. As soon as I came home they rushed up to me and shrieked, “We’re going to India!” “Why?” I asked.

She replied, “Aunt Jasmine is getting married.” I was thrilled and excited. Mostly because I would get to miss a month of school and more importantly I had never been to a traditional Indian wedding, also she is my favorite and close aunt. I would have never known that this special event would help me understand age-old traditions which my parents always talked about. The preparations for the extravaganza were already underway even before we all landed in India. Members from both sides of the family were busy looking for reception halls, hairstylists, and the latest designer clothes for the wedding. To me, it all looked like a circus because I wasn’t used so many people at one place doing so many things at once....
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