Half-Caste and Unrelated Identity

Topics: Dialect, Poetry, Received Pronunciation Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: October 9, 2010
Homework – Compare how poets explore language in ‘Unrelated Incidents’ and one other poem. The language employed in poems ‘Unrelated Incidents’ and ‘Half-Caste’ effectively portrays the discrimination both poets receive. The writers’ use of language shows how they feel and how they deal with the discrimination. Both poems show positive diction. ‘Unrelated Incident ‘ is written as third person, making it feel we are being directly spoken to and half-caste is written in first person so the reader can empathise with the characters feelings. ‘Unrelated incidents’ is about the poet presenting himself as a BBC broadcaster with a Glaswegian accent. The poets point is to say that just because someone has regional accent and not a RP accent does not mean he is not trustworthy or worthy of respect. He is commenting on the snobbery associated with accents and challenging the presumptions people make about others based on their accents. ‘Half-Caste’ is an objection to the term half-caste used to mean ‘of mixed race ‘. Both poems suffer pre-judice. ‘Unrelated Incidents’ starts off with the language close to standard English. “this is thi/six a clock/news”. The reader gets to experience the beginning of the poem as if it was the real news-caste. As the poem moves on, the Standard English begins to fade away and becomes more dialectal. “thi reason/a talk wia/BBC accent”. The language used here shows that the newsreader is trying to get some other message across and not the actual news. Therefore the reader will want to read on faster to see what this message is. The poet also uses informal language. “Scruff”. This type of language is dialectal, they are used to show which social group the persona belongs. He values the way that he speaks and feels that it is good enough to use in his poem. Pre-judice diction can also be found in ‘Half-Caste’ where repetition is involved. “wha yu mean/when you say half-caste”. By saying this, it shows that people do not understand the actual...
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