Half Broke Horses

Topics: Family, Suicide, Sibling Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Skylar Patterson
Writing 101
Dr. Moore
April 25, 2013
Two Very Different Ladies and Yet Alike
Based on a true story Jeanette Walls, the author of the book “Half Broke Horses” gives an interesting narrative of her grandmother’s life, which revolves around various ranches in Texas and New Mexico. The book begins with the interesting section where Lily and her younger siblings are caught up in a flashflood thus prompting them to spend a night on top of an old cotton tree. Upon their return home, the following morning, their overjoyed parents meet them with gladness since they had feared for the worst. Half broke horses shows the lives of various characters who worked together to make their lives better. Among these characters were Helen and Rosemary who showed a number of similarities. Consequently, comparing Helen and Rosemary in the book half broke horses is essential. Rosemary was an ambitious lady who loved to live a free life in which anyone could do what they loved. Despite her mother’s words “In this life, hardly anyone gets to do what they want to do” she was determined to achieve this aspect of her life without caring what members of her family would view her. Therefore, she got married to Rex Walls with whom they strived to make a better life. Their marriage was not readily accepted by Rosemary’s grandmother who commented “My daughter needs an anchor,” to inform Rex that he was not the best man for her granddaughter. Similarly, Helen who is lily’s younger sister portrays some level of ambitiousness. Despite her poor background, she is determined to make it life. She moves from her rural home to Hollywood where she works to become an actress. This aspect reveals that despite the challenges she faced as she grew up she was determined to make the best out of herself. In addition, these experience show that Rosemary has higher level of ambitiousness on issues about life while Helen is ambitious about her career. Rosemary and Helen...
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