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By campsauce Mar 02, 2014 639 Words
Is it common to give life through death? Eric Lund did just that. He encouraged his mother and many others to embrace and enjoy life by showing, humor, determination and happiness.
The first attribute of Eric that I picked that I think was the most important and flagrant attribute, is his humor. One of the examples of his humor is when he and a friend tried to escape the hospital. The second example of Eric’s humor is his creation of Ralph the camel. The reason why I think that Ralph the camel is funny is that I have always like that kind of humor. The reason why I think that they tried to escape was funny is because that sounds like something I would do. A second reason why I think that Ralph the camel was humorous is because … who does that? It was the most random thing in the essay. In today’s society random things are funny. The reason why I chose Eric’s humor as an attribute is because he seemed like a funny person. If I was having an essay typed about me and I had a sense of humor wouldn’t I want it acknowledged?

The second attribute of Eric that I picked was his sheer determination. One example of his determination is even when he was diagnosed with leukemia he still wanted to play soccer, run track, go to college, and just live. Another example of his determination is, in the book it said that when his mom was bringing him some tea she said that he was going down the stairs with a spear gun to go catch a fish. In my opinion that’s determination, in what you ask, determination to live. One reason I think that he was so determined is because he didn’t know when he would die or not, so he wanted to get everything off his bucket list. A second reason why I think that he was so determined was, when he went to college he studied hard even though he knew it may be for nothing. The reason why I chose his determination is because he showed so much of it.

The third attribute of Eric is his happiness through the whole ordeal. One reason how I think that he kept his happiness is when he was in the hospital, he just kept a chipper mood. He only thought of happy thoughts. The second example of his happiness is that he went out at night and had fun and tried to live life as quickly as possible. The reason why I think that he was happy is because he never seemed upset. One other reason why I think that he went out all those nights is maybe because he never ever got to do those things when he was with his family when his life was normal. The reason why I chose him being happy is because throughout the whole essay he never once did anything negative, selfish, or spiteful that is why I chose it.

These three attributes that I chose to represent Eric in my best opinion are the three attributes that describe him at his time of diagnoses to his death; he showed these three more then the many others that I could have chosen. The reason why I chose his humor is in the story it seems that he has a great sense of humor, wit, and charm. The reason why I chose his determination is because who else knows that there is a large chance that he/she is going to die. The reason why I chose his happiness is because, I wouldn’t be that happy in that kind of circumstance. These are the reasons I chose humor, determination, and happiness as the three attributes of Eric Lund.

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