Haiti World Issues

Topics: Human trafficking, Rape, Slavery Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: May 6, 2013
In Haiti, the trafficking that occurs is that they exploit “restaveks” children, sex trafficking, and illegal adoption; it is a serious problem within the country. The government and legislation is lacking within Haiti because of all the earthquakes that occur and that tear apart the country. Trafficking is still happening and the Haitian government is doing everything they can to prevent it. Legislation criminalizing all forms of human trafficking has been pending in Parliament for several years. The Haitian justice system did not make advances in prosecuting traffickers during the reporting period. The government did not report any investigations, prosecutions or convictions of trafficking offenders in Haiti. There are many problems with this country that is hard to prevent crime with only 35 Haitians working to stop these crimes. Haiti is working diligently to also build up there government and to also work with organizations like NGO to help provide shelter, food, medical, and psychosocial support. Within Haiti they are not ranked within the “three-tier country-rating system” because they are a Special Case. Haiti is a special case because of the amount of natural disasters that happen within that country. The massive physical destruction in the wake of the 2010 earthquake, including the destruction of governmental buildings, equipment, and loss of personnel, and the continued lack of fundamental infrastructure throughout the government, severely limited the government’s ability to function in many areas, including in areas of law enforcement, social services and border control. This earthquake prevented Haiti to function correctly like a normal nation. They cannot stop crimes because they have no one to stop them. The reason this is a special case is because there has been so much destruction and damage that the country cannot function and prevent these crimes. Some examples of how trafficking occurs so easily in Haiti because the government did not register...
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