Haiti Earthquake

Topics: Haiti, Bill Clinton, Humanitarian aid Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: May 23, 2010
Haiti Earthquake is one of the significant events that happened in 2010. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Haiti on 13th January 2010, Wednesday. It destroyed Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince and many other residences. This 5th deadliest earthquake in the world killed over 100,000 Haitians and left many homeless or seriously injured. The dead were even buried in mass graves. Humanitarian aid, rescue and medical teams from all over the world gave their utmost help to Haiti immediately. On 22nd January, the search for survivors was then finally called off. Haiti Earthquake is caused mainly by natural causes. Haiti Earthquake occurred along the boundary between the Caribbean and North American plates. Therefore, according to a geophysicist, the two plates moved past each other and generated huge release of energy, causing the Haiti Earthquake. Not only the natural causes, Haiti’s location and environment also contributed to the earthquake. Based on research, 60% of Haiti’s buildings were unsound and Haiti often faced recurrent disasters like cyclone. Haiti also faced political instability as it is one of the poorest country in the western hemisphere and do not have good communication systems, ports and building style for earthquake resistance. Social causes like the schools and hospitals being unresilient to the earthquake and unprepared also caused the serious damage of Haiti. The Haiti Earthquake created a huge impact on Haiti’s economy. Haiti’s government had to spend approximately $7.2 billion to $13.2 billion on the rebuild of infrastructure. The earthquake also disrupted Haiti’s trade as the roads and ports were destroyed or strewn with dead bodies. Buildings, including the president's palace and tax headquarters, were reduced to rubbles. Children were seen digging into the sea of corpses to look for their parents and the injured were pleading in vain for medical help. The worst thing was the main prison had collapsed, thus inmates escaped and brought...
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