Haiti Earthquake

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Earthquake in Haiti
Earthquake in Haiti



A little over 2 years ago Haiti was struck with a horrendous earthquake that caused a lot of damage. The earthquake in 2010 was a defining moment for Haiti because it had a huge impact on them then and still does today. The earthquake left Haiti in ruins. The impact of this 7.0 quake will have a huge impact for many years to come. People have many questions but do we have all the answers?

An earthquake is a geological event inside the earth that generates strong vibrations. The 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti left it in horrible conditions. Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, misery is an everyday condition. It was very deadly and killed about 50,000 people. Some think it only affected Haiti, but it also affected the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. This earthquake was very deadly and broke 250 years of strain. A strain is when the rocks under the land/ocean over lap and cause a quake by strong vibrations. This quake struck around 5 o’clock p.m. The homeless and fearful survivors took shelter under tarps on the grounds outside the Prime Minister’s office. Two horribly damaged hospitals had no doctors or medical workers on duty. Most of the patients were hooked up to IV’s by relatives.

Scientists believe that mostly earthquake occurs due to the movement of plates and this theory is known as plate tectonics. This says that earth’s outer crust has ten rigid, hard and large plates, twenty small plates. These plates are continuously moving on the hot and soft rock of mantle slowly. This movement causes collision among other plates which further causes stress on the lithosphere. The stress becomes enough to shift or break crust. Now the stress is released and this released energy starts moving from one place to another in the form of waves called seismic waves and these waves shake the earth which we named as earthquake. Sometimes this stress occurs near the...

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