Hairspray Essay

Topics: 21st century, Pain, Race Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: May 3, 2012
Hairspray Essay Outline

By combining comedy with the hardships of racism and bigotry, happening in the 1960s to the Hairspray musical it makes for a fun and informative performance to watch.

Racism is hard to speak about in the 21 century without feeling hurt, embarrassed, or even scared.

A. The history will never be forgotten if we remember it and talk about it. B. The content of a person’s character should define them and never their race. C. The character Seaweed in Hairspray never let racism steer him away from his happiness of dancing.

II. The laughter from comedy can bring light to any pains or sorrow we may feel. A. When Bill Cosby did a comedy standup show on how he spanked his kids to keep them obedient. We didn’t cry we laughed, because of how he introduced it. B. Introduction of a subject is everything when it comes to speaking on something painful and sad. C. Tracy laughed at Amber when she made comments about her weight.

III. Bigotry is prejudice and intolerance towards others that are different from oneself, such as those of different ethnicities. A. Bigotry was happening then in the 1960s and hasn’t stopped now in the 21st century. B. Amber and Velma Von Tussle had no reason to dislike Tracy but did so because of her size and nothing more.

Hairspray really proves that happiness can come even when we are hurting or mad about something else. The pain of racism and bigotry existed in the 1960s as well as now in the 21st century and learning to over look the ignorance of it all will keep lives happy.
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