Topics: Ricki Lake, West End theatre, Musical theatre Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: March 22, 2005

As a performing arts major, you have to have a large repertoire of shows you have seen or have listened to. I have never seen any shows live, only on television or video cassettes. In New York, I finally got to lose my broadway virginity and was able to watch what a real broadway show looks like, and I couldn't have picked a better musical than Hairspray. This musical has one of the most imaginative set design, incredible and catchy music, and important messages.

When entering the theatre, I had a different view on the musical Hairspray. Like many I had watched the Ricki Lake version, and expected it to be just like it. But as the show began, I discovered that this Hairspray was in a totally different playing field than the movie. When the curtains opened, and the bed upright positioned bed rolled out, I knew that the scene design was going to be magnificent. Also I found it interesting how the props and set moved on stage, if I am correct they were magnets and it required no hands on assistance. Also the incorporated levels into the scenes, mostly noticed in the musical number "Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now" where Tracy and her mom where high above, and Penny was with her mom on the stage, and Amber was with her mom on a little platform, maybe an inch or two up. Also what captured my attention was during the jail scene, how they had it set up like the "Cell Block Tango" in the musical Chicago, I found it witty and funny.
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