Hair Conditioner lab

Topics: Microscope slide, Conclusion, Hair care Pages: 3 (636 words) Published: October 26, 2014
Hair Conditioner Lab
The hair industry has been been devoted to answering a need of our american people for years. A market mainly targeted towards women, the search for products that will soften, repair, rejuvenate, enlarge, and even strengthen hair is unending. The question that we posed for this lab was: Does hair conditioner really actually strengthen hair as it promises? Materials

Plastic cup
Hair (from Nate, Alyssa, Makenna, and Lisa)
Glass slides
Cover slips
Spring scale
Video camera


Conditioner was chosen that promised to strengthen and visibly repair hair. To try to observe any physical differences, a sample was taken from my hair before it was conditioned, and after. Both samples were removed with forceps and included many strands of hair. To condition the hair, the directions were followed on the conditioner bottle to ensure that the products directions would give the promised result. My hair was rinsed thoroughly, then generously massaged with the conditioner, which was left in my hair for 15 minutes as directed. Then, all of the conditioner

was rinsed out of my hair and was dried with towels. Then, forceps were used to remove the conditioned hair from my head. Next, microscope slides were prepared by placing the hair on separate glass slides, and using a pipette to place a drop in the center of the slide over the hair. Then a cover slip was placed over both the water drop and the hair. These slides were labeled conditioned and unconditioned. The hair slides for both the unconditioned and conditioned were observed side by side under a microscope to note any apparent differences in the appearance of the hairs. Pictures were taken of the samples and observed no differences. Next, the strength of the hair was tested. Hair was taken from three different women to ensure variance and accurate data. Each girl’s hair was tested with unconditioned and...
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