Haier Company Internal Analysis

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Internal Analysis

Haier Profile
Haier Group is the No.1 in the top ten innovative companies issued by USA Newsweek’s website. Founded in 1984, Haier has grown into an international group which is making a turnover of 135.7 billion yuan in 2010 and employed more than seventy thousand people. Haier aims to create a world famous brand in the age of the internet that helps satisfying needs of user in a short time. “Zero-distance virtual and practical network combination” is fully combination with the internet. Haier has marketing advantages in China, which is easy to enter world market and quicker time to do service. Haier has basic principles of their internal customer: * We treat our employees with respect and trust.

* Every staff has a manager who offers support, advice, and encouragement. * An interesting job in a challenging but enriching environment. * Many opportunities for our employees to advance and better themselves. Haier is the leading brand of white goods globally and most valuable brand in China. The Company has realized global revenue of 119 billion yuan.

Haier Philosophy
Haier follows OEC Management on employees to maintain the overall control and also to supervise employees. “O” stands for Overall, “E” for Everyone, Everyday and Everything and “C” for Control and Clear. Besides, Haier also has a “Slope and Ball Theory” which metaphor enterprise as a ball on a slope, therefore efficient management is needed to prevent the enterprise from rolling down and creative ideas used for keeping the enterprise upward which is providing more opportunities for development. (Haier) Haier Strategy

Haier guided by well known strategic called CEO Zhang Ruimin. The strategic slip up to four different stages: * Brand-building Stage
* Diversifying Stage
* Globalization Stage
* Global Branding Strategy Stage
According to Euromonitor, Haier has a market share of 5.1 percent of white goods all over the world makes the company...

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