Haier's Culture

Topics: Management, Board of directors, Corporate governance Pages: 6 (2547 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Haier’s corporate culture

Haier is not only a brand of greatest value in China, but also the forth manufacturer who produce white household electric appliances around the world. Haier from a small business who was at the verge of bankruptcy, grows into a prestigious business group whose products are sold across the world and employees from around the world. What made Haier break the situation and create much mpressve performance? What caused the thirty thousands employees of Haier who came from different regions or different ethnic groups work selfless? Of course, it is a dynamic and innovative Haier’s corporate culture which provides Haier human miracle power. In Haier,a slogan can be seen everywhere impressive: "response rapidly, act immediately ", which is a style of work that every employee must have. Haier's employees say that the eight Chinese characters not only reflects the concept of Haier's market and service, but also concentrates the power of Haier's corporate culture. Haier is serious about "the concept of revolution", which permeated every aspect of Haier and was rich condensed into many philosophical concepts. Such as "Only the off-season thinking, no the off-season market "," light the east and then re-light the West "," Slope sphere theory "," having the market first, building the factory then "and so on . Although these ideas are mostly from Haier’s CEO, Zhang Ruimin, no doubt they have produced a strong response in the spiritual world of the staff. Since it was established, Haier put the corporate culture banner hoisted on high. Yang Mianmian, president of Haier Group, said the staff of Haier needs corporate culture, which not only always gives employees new ideas, but also stimulates their endless creativity. If you read "Haier's corporate culture handbook" which is filled with connotation of times and owned by each Haier’s employee, you can savor the affection and harmony of Oriental culture, and also you can feel the advanced management experience and minds which are affected by the West. Haier's corporate culture is recognized by all the staff that the values of business leaders’innovation, which produced and formed a unique cultural system gradually by the two decades’ development process. The core of Haier’s corporate culture is innovation. The culture looks the concept of innovation as a guide, a strategic of innovation as the direction, the protection of innovation as arganize, technology of innovation as a means, the market of innovation as the goal. Accompanied by Haier developing from small to big, from big to strong, from the China to the world, Haier’s culture itself also innovated and developed constantly. The most significant feature of Haier's culture is that the staff generally agreed and took part in on their own initiative. At present, Haier's goal is to create Chinese famous brand in the world to win glory for the nation. The target combines the development of Haier with its employees’ value of the individual pursuit perfectly. Each employee will bring about value of the individual pursuit fully under the process of realizing the target. On one occasion, Zhang Ruimin, the CEO of Haier vsited a large company in Japan, and the company's chairman has been keen to Chinese wisdom. When the chairman to introduce the company's corporate philosophy and corporate culture, he set forth "the truth,goodness and beauty", and quoted the thought of Laozi. Zhang also expressed his own view: There is a statement in "Dao De Jing" having the samemean with “ the truth, goodness and beauty”, which is "all things are born of having in the world, having is born of nothing" . Zhang explained the importance of Haier’s culture With those words. He said that there are two points about corporate governance keeping in my mind. The first is that the intangible things are often more important than the physical ones. The leadership Often focus on the physical stuff too much, while the...
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