Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Murder Pages: 6 (2184 words) Published: February 27, 2013
We listen has he says his last words, then we cannot hear any sound as they put the needle in his arm and allows the serum to start its way through the tubing. I look at his face as the serum reaches its destination of his arm I watch as he takes his last breath. I think back to the many years I have been waiting to see this man for his crimes and he finally has through the death penalty.

The death penalty causes a safer society due to the consequences of committing a heinous crime by criminals. When a criminal commits a heinous crime the death penalty also known as capital punishment is an option for society to have to punish the criminal for the crime he or she has done. There are different forms of capital punishment there is the needle and the chair. The needle form is when the criminal is strapped to a table and injected with a mixture of chemicals into the arms which react with the body making it shut down where the criminal dies. The chair form is when the criminal is strapped into an electric chair and electrocuted alive until dead. The effects of the death penalty is it’s a deter of crime, a safeguard of society, and a counsel of victim families. The death penalty is a very controversy issue today in society. The death penalty is good to have in society today so we do have a form of punishment for the criminals today. If we did not have the death penalty then there would be no form of punishment for heinous crimes.

The death penalty causes a sager society due to the consequences of committing a heinous crime by criminals through deterring crime. The death penalty deters crime by showing the criminals through other death penalty cases how society is not afraid to use the form of punishment for a criminal who as committed a heinous crime. Richard Devine (2006), an attorney for Illinois says “Capital punishment is necessary for deterrence to the same extent, and in the same cases where it is necessary for true punishment” (p. 85). Because of capital punishment it will be used in the cases and in the extent of when true punishment in needed to bring justice to the victim. Death penalty deters crime very well in a society by allow fear to be put in the criminals piece of mind. By having capital punishment they think about the fact of maybe losing their life because of a lapse of judgment or an stupid event they did. If there was no death penalty there would be no system put in place to make a criminal think twice before committing a crime. Devine also says “ There are criminals who would commit murders where there is only a small likelihood of capture. The threat of death is necessary to inject a level of concern into their calculations”(p. 86). If a criminal believes she would not be punished for her crimes then what is going to stop her for doing the task again and again? With the death penalty in place it makes the criminals stop and think before acting. With the death penalty in society then the criminals know in committing a crime there is a possible chance they would lose their life for punishment for their acts if they are server enough. When a state put the death penalty as an option for punishment then all the criminals in the state sit up and pay attention to their decisions. George Pataki (1998) the Republican governor of New York says “ To fight and deter crime effectively individuals must have every tool the government can afford them, including the death penalty” (p. 103). When the government gives the society the power of the death penalty there will be a deter in crime in the society or city. With the death penalty the criminals know there is a chance they could be servilely punished for their acts. With the death penalty not in place there is nothing to strike fear into the criminals of the society. Pataki also says “In New York, the death penalty has turned the tables on fear and put it back where it belongs-in the hearts of the criminals. Within just one year, the death...
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