Hae Min Lee Case Study

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The U.S., leads the world in incarceration rate at around 2 million people in jail or prison. Currently, the false conviction rate is around 1 percent. With approximately 2 million in prison that would make 20,000 people locked up for crimes they didn't commit. This is the case for Adnan Syed being falsely imprisoned for the death of his ex girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Miss Lee went missing on January 13, 1999 after reportedly being seen with Adnan. Approximately three weeks later, her body was found in Leakin Park. At that point, Adnan was arrested and convicted due to key witness Jay Wilds who told the police everything they needed to build the case against him. While the prosecution argued that Adnan was jealous and vengeful, he just claimed...

The reports showed Lee’s body showed fixed frontal lividity, the phenomenon in which, after death all the blood goes to the body part that is closest to the ground. Such activity could be present if, after dieing, Lee was in a face down position, and stretched out. Then Hae was moved to where she was buried but the damage of that activity of being stretched out and left on her her face was already done. With the evidence of the autopsy it means Hae could not have been in the trunk of a car and with Adnan because the body wasn't buried at around 7 pm like the state used in court. Hae was killed around 2:30 so that would mean the body was still laying on her face at 7pm to have caused the frontal lividity the body would still be face down. The body was buried at around 10-12pm that...

Going on Jay wilds, he confessed to help Adnan bury the body in one of his recorded police interviews but in another story by Jen, Jay had claimed that he didn't help bury the body but had no sentencing for helping and knowing about the burying plus the murder of Hae. The body was found in Leakin Park it is a widely known wooded area to dump bodies. Jay had known where Hae's car was but not the body when he claimed to the police he helped bury it but to Jen he didn't help Adnan at all. Also Jay was seen disposing his clothes by another witness Jen but then claims he didn't help Adnan at all but why get rid of the clothes that he was wearing. When Jay was being questioned by police the tapes recorded weren't turned on right when Jay got in the room it took police 45 minutes to get the tapes rolling so what happened in that chunk of time? Jay had cut a deal with the police giving false information in exchange not to bust him for the drug dealing and other crimes he had committed. The state had an out with Jay and they took it causing stories to change to match up to what the police needed to arrest Adnan. The police had ran out of suspects the only one that was left was Adnan and they had to put someone behind bars so the department did not look...
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