Hae Min Lee Analysis
Topics: Murder, Detective, Homicide, Lie / Pages: 10 (2266 words) / Published: Feb 14th, 2018

How can a sweet, selfless girl like Hae Min Lee turn up dead in a shallow grave? Ask Jay Wilds, he even says and i quote, “I’m the criminal element of Woodlawn.” Jay even admits to being a criminal and this supports my claim that Jay is guilty. In Baltimore, the year of 1999, a missing person case had turned into a homicide. Hae Min Lee, a popular senor attending Woodlawn High School, goes missing one day after school. People believed she had just went to California with her father, but what happens when three weeks later she is found dead in Leakin Park? Jay, is the “selfless hero”, the bad guy turn good. The person who put Hae’s killer behind bars, or so you may think. I believe that Jay Wilds killed Hae Min Lee on January 13, 1999. …show more content…
While listening to all the inconsistencies in Jay’s testimony, Sarah Koenig states “ In the first taped interview, Jay says they're grabbing some food at a restaurant when Officer Adcock calls Adnon asking if he's seen Hae. The next time he tells it, he says that when that call comes, they're at a friend's apartment – a friend whose father happens to be a homicide detective in another county.” Sarah is explaining one of the many inconsistencies in Jay's testimony. She argues how this small detail has such a huge jump from a restaurant to a friend's place. Jay’s testimony has so many inconsistencies its peculiar how this is the base of the states whole caes. This passage supports that Jay had killed Jay because he purposely lied about the location when the police called. Now Jay is smart, he’s just sloppy in hiding it. He figure out which details sound good and change the ones that make him look suspicious. The police even help him! When his details don't add up with what the police has connected they make a little tap and he changes his story. This whole quote matters because it may seem like a small detail that slip his mind but it's kinda ironic how instead of the call being in a restaurant it now just magically happens in Jay’s friends house, who is also a detective. Now that raises from red flags. This case should of never went to court, at least not yet. There are still so many questions unanswered and ideas we still have to figure out. Also consider the suspicious actions and repercussions he has made throughout the

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