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Topics: Internet Protocol, Computer network, Cain and Abel Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: September 30, 2012
There are always threats within the computer world, and hackers have tools that they use to hack into your computer and get data and information from within your system. They use tools like pass crackers, packet sniffers, vulnerability scanners, etc. to get this information. Zen map is one of the tools known as a network mapper security scanner GUI that uses raw IP packets to determine what hosts are available on the network, the services that they are running, the OS of their system and host names. Packet sniffers like Wireshark, Cain and Abel, dSniff can be used to sniff IP packets sent over your network. These tools can be used to monitor network traffic which is a good thing for your administrators. But it could also be used to let hackers know of the information being exchanged within in your network and also your internet traffic. These can be valuable tools to help show vulnerabilities within your network. Additional tools that are used are Air crack, Kismet, Kismac, and several other tools used these tools are known as password crackers. These tools are used to connect to your Wi-Fi and break the algorithms of the encrypted data packets of WPA and WEP security standards. Some of these tools are available for free but others you’re going to have some money to spend to get them. Tools used for vulnerability scanning are Nessus, Core impact, Retina but these are not free and open source. There are several other tools online that can do others open your eyes to what really needs to be done to protect your network. The tools that have been including in this report are a description of a few of the hacking tools used. They can not only work against your network, but help you. You can use these tools to help further protect the resources, data, and information on your local network or other networks. So make sure that you get to know these tools well as you might use them to help you, but also must know what to protect your network from.
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