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Clarkson University
School or Arts and Sciences

ES 432-532 Risk Analysis
MW: 9:30-10:45 a.m.
Science Center, Room 340

Alan Rossner, Director, ES&P and EOH
Office: Science Center 157 Phone: x-6470
Office Hours: TW: 2:15 to 4, Th 9-11, 2:15-3 e-mail: rossner@clarkson.edu

Bill Vitek, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Office: Snell 271 Phone: x-4424
Office Hours: MW: 11-1, T: 10-12 e-mail: vitek@clarkson.edu

Course Description:
Risk Assessment…Risk Management…Risk Communication
Risk assessment involves the evaluation of information on the hazardous properties of substances, the potential for exposure to them, and the characterization of the resulting risk. It is not a single method but a systemic approach to organize and analyze scientific information. Risk management is the decision making process used to established policies to address hazards identified during risk assessments. The decision process includes the development of regulatory options or company policies, and the evaluation of public health consequences or employee health effects. Risk managers consider the risk assessment data along with the social, economic, statutory and political factors. Although risk assessments may have risk management considerations in them, the process of risk management should be considered a separate activity. Risk management should be considered as the control or mitigation step of risk assessment. The decision to control a pollutant will involve cost considerations. The cost-benefit tradeoffs and social impact of the policy all are key components of managing risk. One definition of risk communication is that it is the process by which understanding is raised concerning the hazard or potential hazard. While effective risk communication may not ensure acceptance by all stakeholders, poor risk communication will almost ensure disagreement and outrage.

This course will explore the general principles and practices of

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