Habits of Mind

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Study skills Pages: 6 (1762 words) Published: September 11, 2010
Habits of Mind: Learning framework for the 21st century

Table of Contents:

1.0 Introduction3

2.0 Literature review4

3.0 Method6

4.0 Analysis and discussion9

5.0 Conclusion10

6.0 Recommendations11

7.0 Appendix12

1.0 Introduction
Whilst learning your brain absorbs information like a big pink sponge; It is said that if you are in the right frame of mind, learning becomes simple and you gain information with ease. If your stressed, tired or just not up for it, your brain almost repels information making it very difficult to learn anything at all. Everyone who studies have different approaches to their own style of learning, some being better than others. Habits of mind is a learning framework that has been praised as being the next step in learning, its unique technique allows students to learn at their own pace as well as enjoying the stress free atmosphere that occurs when studying. Although not considered as an official learning technique, habits of mind will soon underpin most academic styles of learning.

2.0 Literature Review
Habits of mind is a concept that has been around since the time of Aristotle, Socrates and many other ancient philosophers. Although not called Habits of mind at the time, these men established that learning can be broken down to fundamental processes of thought. A simple process would be the way we interpret the world around us; the sun burns us, so we don’t stay outside for too long, sharp edges slice our skin, so we avoid touching them. It’s the smallest pieces of stimulus that drive our existence, and it is our habits of mind that control our actions in response to these stimuli. However it is not our actions that habits of mind could have the greatest impact on, it is our capacity to learn. The following is a review of the article, “Theorising habits of mind as a framework for learning” (John Campbell). It includes detailed comparisons and variations of past and present information regarding habits of mind, to a number of different learning frameworks and concludes habits of mind as being an appropriate technique suitable for all types of learning development. Brain researchers have found direct links between habits of mind and the brain itself, discovering similarities in the processes of the brain and the techniques used in habits of mind. One of these is the storage and recollection of data within our brain. Our brain will store new data every time we experience something, the more we experience something, the faster we can retrieve information on what we are experiencing. Habits of mind has basically the same process, as we gather data through all our senses we use this data to formulate opinions, theories, conclusions Etc. With our brain in direct link to habits of mind, it seems almost foolish that we view habits of mind as being anything but a positive framework for learning development. In the past, the development of theories, processes, hypothesis’ that have eventually lead to what we call habits of mind, have all in their own specific way, underpinned habits of mind and continue to support it as more and more people recognise the techniques associated with it. With its popularity steadily increasing, the number of teachers that incorporate it into their daily teachings is growing exponentially. However due to the fact that it is not yet recognised as a successful framework for learning by the academic community, this is being seen as a step back from traditional learning techniques. If habits of mind does become the new learning framework for the future generation, then how will these people benefit from its unique approach to learning? Students that use the habits of mind learning framework have benefited from a many number of different things, and due to the nature of the learning, the knowledge learned through habits of mind seems to “stick” more...
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