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Jürgen Habermas
Born: June 18th 1929 (85 years) in Düsseldorf Germany

Parents were middle class and very traditional.
● As a child he had trouble forming social relationships due to a cleft palate. This also made speaking extremely
difficult for him.
● Jürgen said that his speech disability made him think about communication in a very different way

Attended high school in Gummersbach (near Cologne)
● His father was a supporter of the Nazi party and Habermas himself was a member of the Hitler Jugend movement


WW II affected Jürgen profoundly
After the war he became a radical anti-fascist and a

Studied at the universities in Göttingen and Bonn

Earned a doctorate in philosophy from Bonn in 1954

From 1956 onward studied sociology & philosophy in
Frankfurt (Goethe University)
Studied under Marx Horkheimer & Theodor Adorno

Finished his studies at the University of Marburg
under the guidance of Wolfgang Abendroth
His work is a associated with the Frankfurt School of
After reading George Lukács, Habermas started to
read more Marxist literature and became a supporter
of left-wing politics
He actually wrote an Marxist preface in to his
allready published dissertation due to his new found
love of Marx

The Founder of the Frankfurt School, Mark
Horkheimer, thought that Habermas was too
radical, and refused to inspect the second
dissertation from Habermas (The Structural
Transformation of the Public Sphere)
Habermas has won 21 prizes during his career

Habermas's Interests

Discourse Theory

Public Sphere


Truth and Knowledge

Morality, Politics & Law

Most notable works

The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere

Toward a Rational Society (1967)

Legitimation Crisis (1975)

The Theory of Communicative Action (1981)

The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity (1985)

The Inclusion of the Other (1996)

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