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The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (H.A.A.R.P) is an ionospheric research program started in 1992 to gather data about the atmosphere and "radio propagation conditions." Their web site (www.haarp.alaska.edu) states that they are monitoring and archiving the naturally occurring variations with the sun's activities such as sunspots and solar flares. HAARP jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The HAARP program operates a major Arctic facility, known as the HAARP Research Station, on an Air Force owned site near Gakona, Alaska.  HAARP’s main goal is basic science research of the uppermost portion of the atmosphere, known as the ionosphere. Its PURPOSE is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric weapons technology for weather modification and surveillance purposes (such as missile detection).The HAARP project aims to direct a 3.6 MW signal, in the 2.8-10 MHz region of the HF band, into the ionosphere. The signal may be pulsed or continuous HAARP constitutes a system of powerful antennas capable of creating "controlled local modifications of the ionosphere." However, there seems to be much more going on behind HAARP's public face. Work on the HAARP Station began in 1993. The current working IRI was completed in 2007, and its prime contractor was BAE Advanced Technologies. As of 2008, HAARP had incurred around $250 million in tax-funded construction and operating costs. HAARP has also been blamed by conspiracy theorists for several natural disasters. The most prominent instrument at the HAARP Station is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency (HF) band. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere. Other instruments, such as a VHF and a UHF radar, a fluxgate magnetometer, a digisonde and an induction magnetometer, are used to study the physical processes that occur in the excited region. INSTRUMENTATION AND OPERATION

The main instrument at HAARP Station is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI). This is a high power, high-frequency phased array radio transmitter with a set of 180 antennas, disposed in an array of 12×15 units that occupy a rectangle of about 33 acres (13 hectares). The IRI is used to temporarily energize a small portion of the ionosphere. The study of these disturbed volumes yields important information for understanding natural ionospheric processes. There are other geophysical instruments for research at the Station. Some of them are: • A fluxgate magnetometer built by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute, available to chart variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. Rapid and sharp changes of it may indicate a geomagnetic storm. • An induction magnetometer, provided by the University of Tokyo, that measures the changing geomagnetic field in the Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) range of 0–5 Hz. ANGLES DON’T PLAY THIS HAAARP

Angels Don't Play This HAARP Experts from the book that posits a connection between the work of suppressed scientist Nikola Tesla and Project HAARP

Angels Don’t Play This HAARP includes interviews with independent scientists such as Elizabeth Rauscher. She has a Ph.D., a long and impressive career in high-energy physics, and has been published in prestigious science journals and books. Rauscher commented on HAARP. “You’re pumping tremendous energy into an extremely delicate molecular configuration that comprises these multi-layers we call the ionosphere.” “The ionosphere is prone to catalytic reactions,” she explained, “if a small part is changed, a major change in the ionosphere can happen.” In describing the ionosphere...
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