Topics: Cloud seeding, Weather modification, Precipitation Pages: 7 (1779 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Weather and climate modification modern American history through cloud seeding began when Irving Langmuir and Vincent Schaefer, General Electric Company scientists found a way to modify clouds, which was by seeding the clouds with dry ice pellets, this was twenty years ago. Their coworker, Bernard Vonnegut, demonstrated that a different method would accomplish the same result, which was by using a smoke of silver crystals of iodide. On November 13, 1946, these American scientists had experimentally verified the theory by the Swedish meteorologist, Tor Bergeron, and the German physicist, Walter Findeisen, advanced in 1933 that if clouds contained the right mixture of supercooled water drops and ice crystals they would precipitate. (Weather and Climate, 9) The work of the Dutch scientist, August Veraart, antedated The Bergeron-Findeisen theory. The Dutch scientific community did not well receive the reports of his 1930 experiments in Holland with dry ice and supercooled water-ice, and thus were given no serious consideration elsewhere. The popular and restricted concept of weather and climate modification was not new to our country and was called "rainmaking”. The societies, which have practiced some type of religious rainmaking, included American Indians. “The ceremonials and rituals have varied from dousing holy men with water to burying children up to their necks in the ground in the hope that the gods would be sympathetic and drop tears from the heavens” (Weather And Climate, 9). Many methods have been attempted to aid rainfall through ancient and modern times. The rights of Two U. S. Government on methods of rainmaking “were issued before the 20th century based, respectively, upon the production of carbon dioxide by expending "liquefied carbonic acid gas" and upon concussion by the detonation of explosives.” (Weather and Climate, 9) Cloud seeding programs in Australia, France and South Africa increased precipitation and renewed the scientific interest in hail suppression due to the weather modification events in the United States in the late 40's and early 50's. (Weather and climate, 10) HAARP is known for causing were causing hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis. “The small town of Lynmouth became known throughout the world for the disaster that struck in August 1952, although not the biggest flood Britain has had, it was one of the most spectacular and most studied. Interest was shown in the small scale as well as the larger effects on the landscape.” (The 1952 Flood, 1) The Lynmouth flood has emerged and destroyed building with ninety million tons of water that have swept down the narrow valley on 15 august 1952. In the outrageous Lynmouth flood disaster, thirty-five deaths came only days later after seeding experiments in southern England. Secret experiments have caused heave rainfall were proved by investigations. Apparently, survivors state that the air in the afternoon of the flood smelled like Sulfur, and the rain was so hard that it hurt the people's faces. All the bodies that were washed to the sea have never been found, dams were formed by trees behind bridges, which made the water carry boulders into the village and destroyed shops, hotels, homes ((HAARP-Weather, 1) roads and bridges.

The chemtrail is a high-altitude crop sprinkling for wicked purposes. The government agencies sprayed toxic, biological and chemical elements from high altitudes with the use of chemtrails; this is the conspiracy theory that is claimed about chemtrails. The theory holds that normal jet airliner finish contrails quickly unwanted. Chemtrails linger for hours up in the sky holding in toxic heavy metals. There are different behaviors of contrails but it depends on the environment and the condition in which they are coming from, when the humidity is high or is at a saturation point with ice this growing contrails result. “So when condensation is injected in the atmosphere at those altitudes, the microscopic particles...
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