Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Sleep, Posttraumatic stress disorder Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Sean Tully
English 102
Prof Held
Zeitoun Prompt
Although the actions of Abdulrahman Zeitoun were very demoralizing and very disgusting I do not believe that his actions should delegitimize the book at all. In my opinion I believe this only strengthened the legitimacy of Zeitoun’s book. In the book, the way Zeitoun’s relationship with Kathy and his family seemed like such a loving and compassionate relationship. It almost seems false that a relationship that loving could end up in a murder plot. In the book when Hurricane Katrina was hitting New Orleans there were many strong undertones on how much Zeitoun missed his family and it almost seemed like Zeitoun wasn’t as concerned with the storm as much as he wanted to be in contact with his family. Kathy seemed just as concerned and she ended up becoming hysterical at times when she couldn’t figure out where he was. At one point in the book Kathy was willing to drive from Arizona back to New Orleans just to have hope that she could see her husband again. It seemed like a genuine relationship before all the chaos which leads me to think that Zeitoun might be suffering from something PTSD related.PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a severe anxiety disorder that occurs after an event that has tremendous psychological stress on a person Wikipedia*. I believe Zeitoun went through a vicious sequence of events that made him come to this disease that he hasn’t been properly treated for. The book describes very vividly the amount of stress and anxiety Zeitoun went through while he was illegally detained. The story gives accounts of people literally being beaten and attacked for almost no particular reason. The fact that Zeitoun even witnessed that I feel could have been enough trauma for PTSD, but he actually was attacked and beaten too which should give me more reason to make this argument. Even to put Zeitoun’s situation in a hypothetical sense could give even the strongest man chills....
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