HA510 Unit 3 Assignment

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HA510-02 Organizational Development for Healthcare
Unit Three (3) Assignment
Kaplan University
Instructor: Tracy Smith
October 7, 2013
Revised: October 10, 2013

Unit 3: Planning – Tools and Techniques

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Report: Interview with Ronald G. Spaeth, FACHE, president Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Foundation

The objective of this report is to summarize Grazier’s interview with Ronald G. Spaeth, FACHE, president of the Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Foundation to include by not limited to his work and educational background, philosophies or strategies with opinions to them, the type of school of management he utilized and the difficult obstacles facing today’s healthcare administrators, as well as lessons learned from reading this interview.

Spaeth’s Work and Educational Background
Mr. Ronald G. Spaeth is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, who holds a BS degree from Western Reserve University in Ohio an MBA degree from the University of Chicago in Illinois and received the American College of Healthcare Executives 2005 Gold Medal Award for his contributions to the field (Grazier, 2005). Spaeth currently serves on the Board of Commissioners of the Joint Commission oil Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and has served on several different boards that dealt directly with the hospital accreditation and healthcare associations. Mr. Spaeth began working at Evanston Northwestern in a range of leadership roles from 1972 to 1983; and from 1983 to 2002 he served as the CEO and president of Highland Park Hospital that merged with Evanston Northwestern in January 2000 (Grazier, 2005).

Unit 3: Planning – Tools and Techniques

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Spaeth’s Philosophies and Strategies
In reviewing the interview, Spaeth’s philosophies and strategies appear to stem from him seeing the rapport with the communities and the institutions he worked for, mainly their ties with physicians. Spaeth’s strategy as leader was to find the best and brightest professionals, work with them on the strategic plans and goals of the organization, ensure that they are able to achieve their goals, and then stay out of their way (Grazier, 2005). Spaeth felt that micromanagement would limit those with advanced considerable skill sets. Being in agreement with this philosophy and not liking to be micromanaged myself, because it does not give you breathing room to grow or learn but tends to leave one feeling that you don’t trust them to do their job and feel less willing to do the job and give 100%.

In Spaeth’s opinion, a diversified group of people with different capabilities makes for a good excellent team approach, as he has been advocate to hiring professional outside the healthcare industry (Grazier, 2005). Another philosophy or strategy that Spaeth talked about was a mentee, mentor approach, as well as having respect, admiration and recognizing the task that physicians do and that no hospital administrator can fully reach success without the assistance and support of their employees (Grazier, 2005). Further, Spaeth also devotes his time with physicians, support their efforts, empathize with them and help them as needed with their activities to make them more efficient (Grazier, 2005).

Spaeth School of Management Utilized Most
After reading Spaeth’s interview, the school of management that can be seen in this interview is the Human Relations and Human Resources School of management

Unit 3: Planning – Tools and Techniques

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theories as these theories are seen clearly when he talks about finding the best and brightest professional and recruiting professionals from other industries to fill certain management positions in healthcare, the relationship between community, institution and physicians, as well as having respect, admiration and recognizing the work physicians do. According to Dunn (2010) with the Human Relations Movement, “giving attention to employees is much more effective for...

References: Dunn, R. (2010). Healthcare Management 9th ed. Chicago: Health Administration
Interview with Ronald G. Spaeth, FACHE, President, Evanston Northwestern
Healthcare Foundation, Northbrook, Illinois. (2005). Journal of Healthcare
Management, 50(3), 144-147. Retrieved October 5, from Kaplan Library at
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