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Unit 9 Assignment: Leadership Development Plan
HA405: Leadership and Ethics in Healthcare
Kaplan University
Tanya Ingerson
January 20, 2015

Leadership Development Plan

In today’s society there are more than 100,000 people in Health Care Management positions across the United States. My short term and long term goals are to become one of those people and work my way up the chain. The sky is the limit if you work hard and stay focus.

Short Term Career Goals
I will graduate from Kaplan University in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration. I have already achieved one of my short term goals of obtaining a management positon. In September 2013, I applied for a Human Resource Director/Scheduling & Payroll Manager position at a local nursing home. I was lucky enough to be offered the position and it has given me the confidence to continue my education to become an Administrator.

Long Term Career Goals
My long term career goal is become an Administrator in a healthcare setting. I currently am working for a company called Genesis Healthcare, they have facilities in 48 states. I have been talking with the VP for New England about applying for the Administrator in training program that is being offered in 2016. The sky is the limit when it comes to advancing within this company and they are willing to put the effort into training people who are committed to staying even if it means transferring to another facility. I would like to pursue a career as an Administrator or work my way up to a Regional HR Director. I chose this degree as it has a wide variety of options for future jobs.

Objectives I want to Accomplish
When it comes to objectives, I would follow what I value as an individual and what I expect for an organization. The values I would follow are: integrity, quality, service, profitability and respect for others. My objective for a position in Administration would focus on quality, excellence, service, profitability and innovation. By having these values to focus on, I will be able to figure out what is important and the order of priority they should be placed.

Developmental Needs

Obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Administration, will give me endless opportunities. I chose this field because I have always worked in healthcare and that is what I am passionate about. I will be able to advance my career in any type of healthcare setting like: hospitals, physician’s offices or long term care.

I have volunteered for many committees at the first hospital I worked. I was the chairperson for the Super User Group, were we created the EMARS and all the electronic forms for every department. I was on the team for centralized scheduling and working in the pharmacy, I volunteered for many projects to help me in understanding all the processes. I volunteer for the family support team and we are on call twice a month for anything traumatic that may happen at the local hospital.

I have had a lot of training, certifications over the years in the healthcare field. From being part of many groups over the years, to being part of the decontamination team, being certified in Sterile IV training, Physical Therapy aide certificate, Certified Pharmacy Technician Certificate. I am currently signing up for HR classes offered through Genesis to further my knowledge in the areas I am working in currently.

The five competencies from each domain I feel are important and I could work on to further my skills and knowledge of becoming an Administrator are; 1) Communication Skills
2) Managing Change
3) Personal and Professional Accountability
4) Healthcare Systems and Organizations
5) Human Resource Management

http://www.ache.org/pdf/nonsecure/careers/competenciesbooklet.pdf Morrison, E. E. (2011). Ethics in Health Administration: A Practical Approach for Decision- Makers. (2nd  ed.). p.204. ...

References: http://www.ache.org/pdf/nonsecure/careers/competenciesbooklet.pdf
Morrison, E. E. (2011). Ethics in Health Administration: A Practical Approach for Decision- Makers. (2nd  ed.). p.204.
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