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1. What are the indirect fctors spread by trade?
Many indirect factors were spread by trade. Trade became the vehicle for the spread of religious ideas, technological innovations, disease-bearing germs, and plants and animals to regions far from there places of origin. Trade also shaped a lot of societies, whether it was politically, structurally, or economically. Economically it often altered consumption, for example enabling West Africans to import scarce salt, necessary for human diets and useful for seasoning and perserving food, from distant mines in the Sahara in exchange for the gld of their region. Trade affected day to day life allowing peasants to give up there jobs for much better paying jobs that produced goods much more valuable on the Silk Road. Trade also shaped the structures of these societies. Traders often became a distinct social group, viewed by suspicion of others because of there impusle to accumalate wealth without actually producing anything themselves. In some societies such as China, trade became a social mobility. Merchants were able to purchase landed estates and establish themselves within the gentry of the class. Political life was also sometimes transformed by trade, the wealth available from controlling and taxing trade motivated the creation of states in various parts of the world sustained those states once they had been constructed. But trade also posed a question to governments everywhere, should trade be left in private hands (Aztec Empire) or should it be controlled by the state (Inca Empire)? Buddhism made its way from India to Central and East Asia, and Islam crossed the Sahara into the West Africa. So did the pathogens that devastated much of Eurasia during the Black Death. These immense cultural and biological transformations were among the most significanct outcomes of the increasingly dense networkds of long-distance commerce during the era of third-wave civilization. 2. What are the pros and cons of land trade vs sea trade?

Land Trade
Sea Trade
Provided an unity between the eurasian world.
Disease traveled with the humans.
Provided an unity between the eurasian world
Disease traveled along with the mice.
Spread of religion and culture
Were not able to carry as much goods when traveling
Spread of religion and culture
Had to rely on mosoons
Allowed more safety when transporting goods
Only luxurious goods were traded
Able to transport much larger cargos
If an accident occur all items would be lost
Did not have to rely on winds to travel

Allowed interactions between lands that could not have happened without sea transportations.

3. What civilizations and regions were most active in the Silk Road trade? Silk Road trading network prospered most when large and powerful states provided security for merchants and travelers. Such as, when the Roman and Chinese empires anchored long-distance commerce at the western and eastern ends of Eurasia. Silf Road trade flourished again during the seventh and eigth century C.E. as the Byzantine Empire, the Muslim Abbasid dynasty and Tang dynasty China created an almost continuos belt of strong states across Eurassia. In the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries the Mongol Empire briefly ecompassed almost the entore route of the Silk Roads in asingle state, giving a renewed vitality to long distance trade. Main regions and there contributions along the Silk Road:

Products contributed
Silk,bamboo,mirrors, gunpwder, paper, rhubarb, ginger, lacquerware,chrysanthemum. Forest lands of Siberia
and grasslands of Central Asia
Furs, warus tusks, amber , livestock, horses, falcons, hides, copper vessels tents, saddles, slaves India
Cotton, herbal medicine, percious stones, spices.
Middle East
Dates, nuts, almonds, dried fruit, dyes, lapis lazuli, swords Meditteranean Basin
Gold coins, glassware, glazes, grapevines, jewelry, artworks, perfume, wool, and linen textiles,...
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