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Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge
I would consider DDLJ one of my favourite movies as it is a timeless classic that has shaped Bollywood and Indian cinema. I first watched this movie as a child and it is one of the movies that had really stuck with me and almost everyone I know throughout the years. Growing up Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol were household names because of how they were able to act their roles. It is a very emotional movie that kept me interested throughout the entire duration, which is a very hard task to do when I’m watching a movie for the 5th time. The character of Raj played by Shah Rukh Khan goes through a transition phase that for the first time in Bollywood which made it stand out for me as a NRI. We see the role of the typical good Indian boy switched into a macho alpha male which has previously always been played with a NRI perspective. Overall I believe this movie should always been shown in a class like this because it captures the elegances of Bollywood cinema and allows you to see how it has progressed over the years. My Name is Khan:

I really enjoyed watching this film, unlike many of the other films it was my first time seeing it. It was nice to compare how Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol have advanced themselves over the years. You can tell by looking at them that there is a major difference in the time that these two movies where filmed. The maturity levels on its on shows their new level of acting and how the success of a film like DDLJ progressed them as actors. The storyline is very easy to follow because of its relevancy, relating to an event that has affected all of us one way or another. I felt very connected to Rizvan and sympathized what he was going through. He had a happy life, was married, a step-father and love was surrounding him. But one unfortunate incident (9/11) changed his life forever, followed by the murder of his step-son. The many struggles’ he goes through and overcomes is very impressive and shows you how strong an individual can truly be. There isn’t much criticism that I could give to this film, the acting and directing all came together very well, the chemistry that these people have built over the year’s shows. My biggest criticism would have to be with the casting of the minor roles, although the roles are minor, they essentially disallow this film to be considered a true great. Bhaji on the Beach:

I thought this film was very interesting in its theme and its willingness to get its message across. I liked the divide between the elder traditional ladies versus the new age modern women. This film had decent directing which made up for its lack in star power in its acting, but the mixture of two allowed for a decent run of comedy and drama. There were many instances that showed signs of upcoming tension and arguments but I felt like it still wasn’t obvious as to what the outcome was going to be. The part in the café would have to be one of my favourites because of how it unfolds beginning with the bringing of the traditional food by the elder ladies. That is a very common thing to happen and the lady working at the desk telling them to put it away made me very happy. She called the younger women a whore for being pregnant with a black guy and says she was glad that she never had children of her own, what else did she expect other than a coffee thrown in her face?

This film is one of a kind and very interesting because of its involvement in the most popular Indian sport, Cricket. The movie covers many different aspects including politics, history, love, action and sports. There is something for everyone to enjoy about this movie, which allows it to have a wide variety of audience. The mini-conflicts that happen in the movie are setup to come together very well in the cricket match. The “untouchable” problem and the fact that one of the teammates was helping the British kept you wanting to see what was about to happen past the result of the game. Although I wish they...
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