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The price for the classes is slightly different depending on locations. For example, the branch in Sherman Oaks offers a 12 week-class, which is 45 minutes per week, at $215 and a 24 week-class at $390. Gymboree Play & Music of Westside Pavilion provides 45 minute classes at $74 per month, 60 minute classes at $84 per month, and 120 minute classes at 145 per month. Gymboree play & music of Valencia offers 45 minute play and music classes at $69 per month, 60 minute art classes at $69 per month, 3 hour school skills program at $225, 2 days a week and at $315, 3 days a week. They Gymboree play & music applies some psychological pricing techniques depending on different locations. For example, the Valencia branch uses odd-even pricing, which is a strategy that sets prices to end in certain number. The prices ending in odd numbers such as 5 or 9, offer one dollar lower than the next highest even price, assuming consumers to react better to those numbers. Also, Gymboree Play & Music of Westside Pavilion uses price listing, which is setting a few prices levels for a product line so that customers can chose one that meets their reference price they expect to pay for. Each location of Gymboree play & music has its own events and promotions. Gymboree of Sherman Oaks offers customers to get a free trial class, $15 off from the price of the class, and no enrollment fees. In Westside Pavilion, new customers can receive free trial classes, $59 for the first month of classes and no enrollment fees. Similarly, Gymboree of Valencia offers new customers to receive a free trial class, first month for $49 with no enrollment fees. These could be examples of leader pricing. Leader pricing is a strategy setting some prices very low in order to get customers into retail stores and to sell large quantities of the products. (501) Gymboree plan & music tries to attract new customers by offering the lower price and to keep them continue to attend more and different classes. Gymboree uses a...
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