Gym Proposal Allowing More Gym in School

Topics: Education, Exercise, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Anjelo Africa
English 100/08
November 20, 2010


Untied states is known to have the most obsessed people in the world, yet they continue to not do anything about it. In Shrewsbury high school we have Gym 2 days out of a 7 day schedule, and sometimes you can end up not having gym for a whole week. The recommended exercise per week is 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. Most teenagers don’t even exercise on there own outside of school excluding those who participate in sports. Our health is just as important as your educations. They should change Gym from 2 days out of a 7 day schedule to making it 3 days per week. I feel that providing gym more during the week can help teens reach or be closer to reaching there recommended exercise per a week.

Obesity is one of the main issues teenagers have to deal with in the united states. Making gym 3 days a week could help students reach there recommended exercise to stay health. This is going to stop obesity but if you make it as important as learning students will realize that its and issue and exercise on there own to help there health. Schools make students realize how important it is to study and keep your grades up and to continue you to do great in school. Well by applying gym 3 days a week it can help them get the thought of exercise nailed in there heads so they see the importance of this alone with there education. a lot of students believe that this wont help them exercise more, and it be a pointless act because they hate gym as it is already. But a lot of students don’t even realize how important exercise is to you. They’d think that there exercise level will remain the same, but if the gym teachers run tests to make sure students are exercising out of school they may take it more serious then It is taken. Of course each student will have there own goals as long as there improving in some sort of way.

Making gym 3 days a week can be done a simple way, but having schools 1...
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