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Topics: Exercise, Ice hockey, Australian rules football Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: September 8, 2013
The purpose of this paper is to find out ones fitness levels through various tests. The test we had included was the muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, lower body explosiveness, agility, and cardio tests. The three testing dates were February 13, April 9, and May 29.

The purpose of the flexibility test is to test one’s joints through a full range of motion. This is useful in most sports such as gymnastics, hockey, and swimming. This test can be performed by trying to reach your hand beyond your feet. On February 13, I received a 17.5cm score, April 9, I got a 20cm score and on May 29, I got a score of 21cm. Being an avid ice hockey player it is required for me to stretch before a skating session so I do not pull any of my leg or back muscles when I am playing. So, during the off season, when I get up I have a fitness routine I go through and one of the exercises I do is stretch all parts of my body right before I go on with my day. This also benefits me because I have gym class first period as well. I believe that if I continue what I am doing I will achieve high or higher scores next year.

The purpose of the muscular endurance test is to tests one’s upper body ability at performing a repeated task. This is performed by doing chin-ups. This is useful in sports such as football and baseball. On February 13 I got 1 chin up, April 9, 2, and May 29, 3. I find that my scores where a little bad because I only improved by a little. And ever since the first test I was focusing on my biceps to get them stronger. Every test I had come fully down and straightened my arms until I came back up. I felt like if I did this I would not cheat myself and pretend like I can do more than I actually can. Being 180Lb I feel like I can improve my score by losing excess weight so my biceps do less work.

The purpose of the muscular strength test is to test ones upper body explosive power. This is tested by how much one can bench press on a...
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