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Project Proposal

e-Learning: Use of Gym Equipment
Client: Health and Fitness Gymnasium NSW Tafe's Randwick Campus Client Contact: John Smith Project Manager: John Klyza Project Start Date: 22 July 2008 Projected Finish Date: 02 December 2008 John Klyza 8/15/2008

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Project Description 1.2 Project Objectives 1.3 Target Audience 2.0 Concept and Ideas 2.1 User interface 3.0 Proposed Work Schedule 4.0 Recommendations References

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Table 1.0 Estimate time of completion 6

List of Figures
Figure 1.0 Mind Map showing the concept and the various ideas for implementing the product. Figure 2.0 The products navigation path. Figure 2a Scenario Interface Figure 2b Choosing a correct answer Figure 2c Choosing an incorrect answer Figure 2d Choosing an almost correct answer Figure 3.0 Example of a poll 3 4 5 5 5 5 7

Executive Summary
This proposal is in response to the health and fitness gymnasium located at New South Wales Tafe's Randwick Campus (the client) wish’s to evaluate the potential of using scenario-based training allied with interactive digital media technologies. The aim of this proposal is to provide the client with a product (CD/DVD) containing the following: i) ii) A narrated video tour of the fitness studio that highlights the equipment groupings. Information on the rules for using the studio with a scenario-based training application to enable customers to test their knowledge of these rules in a variety of situations. Images of a range of equipment for exercising a selected muscle group (shoulders.) and a quiz for matching the equipment required to exercise specific muscles within the group.


There are many tools and systems that provide learning outcomes, but, in terms of self-paced learning outcomes, none, rival scenario based e-learning. It is the writers view that the most effective method for the gymnasium is an interactive scenario based CD/DVD. The value of the scenario based, interactive CD will be recognized for its outstanding contribution to the gym. I recommend that the full scope of this powerful tool be implemented for the use within the gym. The following criteria show why:          Cost effective Ease of use Interactive Available to those who need it, when they need it. Game-like familiarity Real life scenarios Selection options Fun Feedback from customers


344 Smith Street Smithville NSW Ph: 77777000

Client: Health and Fitness Gymnasium located at NSW TAFE's Randwick Campus (contact: John Smith) Start Date: July 22 2008 Due Date: December 02 2008

E-Learning: Use of Gym Equipment
Project Manager: John Klyza 1.0 Introduction
According to Steve Dow (2003) “Gymnasiums are big business. About 1.6 million Australians use a gym or hold a gym membership, including about, 500 000 in NSW, or ten percent of the population...The Australian gym industry forecasts its membership will grow by 7 percent a year this decade”. Gyms are big business; they are also, at times, very busy. Generally, all new gym users complete an induction with a gym instructor. Training is given on correct use of machinery as well as the correct way to warm up, cool down, stretch and setting targets. However, despite the instructions, clients would need further instructions from time-to-time. Health and fitness gymnasiums can at times, as mentioned above, be a hive of activity. Although instructors endeavor to give clients their attention at these times, it is not always possible to do so. Using current and emerging technologies, such as podcasts, blogs, conferencing tools, virtual worlds, and interactive scenario based digital media, can expand client and instructors interaction, improving both the content and the effectiveness of both digital media and traditional class formats. Podcasts can provide reinforcement and clarification of the learning experience. Blogs can be vehicles for documenting factual...

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