Gwen Harwood

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In your view, how have poetic techniques been used to reveal memorable ideas in Harwood’s poetry?|

How does Gwen Harwood reveal her reminiscences through poetic techniques?

A verbal, artistic, literary work called ‘poetry’ is designed to give intensity, beauty and the portrayal of feelings within a poet’s initial idea. It is a suggested beauty designed to create passion through experiences, ideas, and emotions in a vivid and imaginative way. ‘Gwen Harwood’ uses poetry to pronounce her personal experiences, expressing them through themes such as; Life and death, Making the ordinary extraordinary and Relationships. Sound and rhythmic language choices are used to evoke an emotional response from the audience conveying memorable ideas that become apparent within the verbal composition. Techniques demonstrate and signify the poet’s philosophies of her time, through the expressional texts ‘At Mornington’, ‘Mother who gave me life’, and ‘Triste, Triste’. Harwood attracts critics and a vast range of audiences that interpret her intense, visionary interpretation of the subject at heart. In the poem ‘At Mornington’ the elements of the past, present and future are used through the images of water and natural elements - which are consistently shown throughout Harwood’s poetry – which assist in her elemental theme of making the ordinary extraordinary. The poem is written in first person narration with changing tenses that is set in a conversational, reflective and contemplative tone suggesting the passing of time and gaining of wisdom. The natural element of ocean waters is used as imagery and Harwood uses the representation of waves as an important element, symbolizing the time and flow of memories; linking the past and present. The influxes are continuous and pending into life with a repetition ‘the next wave, the next wave’ as a representation of flooding memories. The textual integrity within the use of natural elements is consistent and strong throughout the text, holding the configuration together firmly. Within this structure, the use of changing tenses, first person narration, symbolism and repetition give an understanding and interpretation of the construction of the content and its mindset. This allows viewers to explore the way in which Harwood conveys concepts, giving a better understanding of what she tries to portray through her use of natural elements and its metaphorical depiction for her memories. Similarly in the first persona poem; ‘Mother Who Gave Me Life’, Harwood uses the motif of light and dark. The poem is a reflective memory and celebration of her mother’s life, in which, Harwood sees as a life-giver and a source of wisdom to the child. Throughout the poem we find that the use of light is deceptive with the use of imagery on natural elements, which Harwood uses as an illusion to bring light and warmth into the poem; brightening the tone of the visual text after instigating a deep sense of grief; a stability throughout the text. She contrasts the light against darkness when she refers to a quote complete with depression “a lamp on embroidered linen, my supper set out, your voice calling me in as darkness”. The juxtaposition of the lamp on embroidered linen highlights the distinction between the two elements of the lamp and linen, although; the darkness contrasting to light highlights the imagery of obscurity falling onto her father’s house creating the illusion of making the ordinary extraordinary. The techniques climax her memories, spanning back to the beginning of her time with a deep sense of grief which is contradicted with light, bringing warmth into the contentment of her memoir.

The form of an intimate credit of the passing quality of humanity is found in ‘Triste, Triste’. The metaphorical poem is regarded as an interpretation of the physical pull of a sexual act and the defiance of mortality and the body’s limitations, which; is a biblical reference to the resurrection of Christ. This...
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