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Business Information System

Gerontius Ng
Russel Tan
Zhao XiaoFan
Chor Mar Lwin
Aung Aung

Executive summary

The main objective of this proposal is to identify and improve the existing business information system of the widely known movie cinema located in Singapore, Golden Village. Our group would be taking up the role of business consultants which would help Golden Village improve and implementing new methods to give our client a competitive edge over their current competitors such as Shaw, Cathy etc... We would also identify any changes which would improve their efficiency of services they provide. (Customer Service, Ticket Checkout) We have proposed the implementation of the QR Code System. This is a simple process of adding the QR code onto billboards, television advertisements; internet and movie catalogues where consumers could easily be able to check when do the movie start screening, movie times, cinema seats available to them and informing consumer when a specific movie is released. This would make booking a movie an ease. With this implemented, it would lessen the workload of the working staff and lower errors caused during work; hence provide better customer relations and attracting new customers.

Table of Contents
Executive summary 2
Transitional Letter4
Goals & Objectives6
Company’s Mission & Vision7
Five Porter Analysis8
Competitive Advantages10
Value Chain Analysis 11
Support Processes12
Primary Business Processes13
Current Business Process14
Proposed Business Process15
The Essential Report16
Business Information Systems Design17
Five Components Framework18
Database Management System (DBMS)19
Benefits and Impact on the Organization20
Individual Report25
Gerontius Ng25
Russel Tan26
Zhao XiaoFan27
Aung Aung28
Chor Mar Lwin29

14 November 2012
Kurt Rieder
Chief of Executive
Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Proposal of Implementing QR Code System in Golden Village Cinema Our group has proposed a QR code system to be used in Golden Village Cinema for your business which would be efficient and convenient for consumers. This proposal will show you the benefits and outcomes of the implemented system. We have done an overall analysis of your competitors and how to overcome long-run problems to be faced in the future. Our QR code system will cover most of the ticketing system and allows the consumers check for the available timings and seats for the specific movie allowing consumers to purchase the ticket through their mobile devices. These codes will be widely available and accessible in place such as: •Billboards

Movie Catalogues
This would shorten queue and saving queue time, thus allowing consumers to purchase their tickets for their desired movie. This would attract more customers as Singaporeans have a face-paced lifestyle. Lastly, we would like to arrange a meeting with you so we could discuss more details about our proposal. This would give you an advantage over competitors, thus improving sales and profit margin. We appreciate your consideration for reading our proposal and do not hesitate to contact us if you’re any enquiries.

Yours Sincerely,
Gerontius Ng
Team Leader of Business Consultation Group


Singaporeans are living a fast-paced lifestyle where everything needs to be fast as time equals to money, Singaporeans of any age dislikes long queues as its time consuming. Hence, they want everything to be fast. This is where our QR code systems come into place as it gives consumer the convenience to book and purchase the tickets they desire with ease at anywhere and anytime. The cinema industry is very competitive as competitors are trying to discover and satisfy their customers profitably. The system we are implementing allows customers and workers to...
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