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Topics: Man, Boy, Guy Pages: 2 (1144 words) Published: May 4, 2014
Guy code is basically a way of life where you act like you constantly know what you are doing specially when you don’t.

Bros before Hos
In Michael Kimmel essay Bros before Hos: The Guy Code talks about what being a man means. To many young men now they believe it means men don't cry, don't show feelings, don't ask for directions, don't give in, don't show fear. All these don't s man should  not do.36 years ago being a "man" meant pretty much the same thing. Man act the way they act not to impress women but they do it because they want to be accepted by other men. Men see women as property, something they need to have to show off to other men. Men do not see women equal to them A guys manhood is the most important thing to them. Eminem was asked why he uses the word faggot so often in his raps and he answered, " The lowest thing you can say to a to call him a faggot. Faggot means taking away your manhood." (pg. 612) Many man may have homophobia but do not even know it. Homophobia is the fear of man, that they will think of another man as a failure. Homosexuality is not manly and most man want to be considered manly not homosexual. Most men stay in the " im a man" box because if they step out of that box than other men would be mean to them. Not only mean but they will get teased for life it would not be the same for them. They would feel lonely and because of that loneliness they might fall into depression and want to kill themselves or the ones that are bugging them. Many men take risk too prove their manhood by exposing themselves too risks. That is why men " drink too much, drive too fast, and play chicken in a multitude of dangerous venues." (pg.614). Being a man starts very early in a boys life, there is also a boys code that all little boys need to follow so their guy friends can accept them. The pressure of being a boy/man comes at a very early age. Boys are told not to cry and to not be a sissy. Boys are taught to not cry and not show any...
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