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Guru-Sishya Parampara

Gururbrahmaa gururvishnuh
gururdevo Maheswarah |
parabrahma tasmai
shri gurave namah ||





Understand the significance of Dakshinamurthy , the lord
of teaching.
Three periods 1. mythological 2. historical 3. Current.
Dakshinamurthy, Lord Shiva as a teacher.
Veda Vyasa, Adi Guru
Qualities of a Sishya, and Guru
Beginning of Guru-Sishya Parampara.
Adi Shankara Traditional Guru
10 Paramparas established by Shankara
Oral traditions
Veda patasalas today.
Continuation of Guru Paramparas

Dakshinamurti, the Adi Guru
Dakshinamurti – Lord Shiva
Students in search of knowledgefour sages- Sanaka,

sanandana, Sanatana, and
sanatkumara the mental

progeny of Brahma proceeded
towards northern direction and
did penance .
Lord Shiva appeared as
Dakshinamurthi “ lord having a
form facing south”
Every teacher is a form of

Dakshinamurti, continues
Imparted knowledge in
silence. Conveyed everything
Sishyas are spiritually
Sits in a posture of ‘Virasana’
left leg resting on the right
The right foot rests on the
couched form of Apasmara a
demon represents ignorance
The Lord subdues the
negative tendencies
The lord faces the south and
the students face the north

Dakshinamurti, the Adi Guru
Seated under a banyan tree
Facing the south
Chinmudra represents knowledge,
tips of index finger and thumb
touch each other to form a circle.
Index finger…Symbolizes
ahankara, ego.
Thumb…supports all fingersrepresents Easwara..
Cinmudra signifies “Tatwam asi”
Unique Other fingers entire world
creation, sustenance, dissolution.
Also three qualities- Satwa, rajas,
tamas.Waking, dream, deep
Viditatmanada, Hindu
Dharma. Ahemedabad, India 2008

Represents five elements.

Left upper hand... a torch ,fire
Right upper hand... Damaru,
drum sound
Lower left hand… a book,
Lower right hand… Cinmudra ,
Matted locks… Air
Forehead …Ganga ..water
Ashes smeared… earth
Right ear ring… masculine
Left ear ring …feminine The Lord
represents both male and
female.. Purusha and Prakriti ,
spirit and matter
Viditatmanada, Hindu
Dharma. Ahemedabad, India 2008

Guru. Teacher. The letter ‘gu’ stands for darkness
and ‘ru’ stands for that which removes darkness.
‘Guru’ implies one who removes darkness of
ignorance. A spiritual teacher.
In todays culture teachers of music or classical
dance are ‘gurus;
sishya is from the root ‘sas’ instruct or discipline.
One who has desire for knowledge is ‘jijnasu’.
The sisya has ‘sradha ‘ and ‘bhakti’ trust and
devotion towards the teacher.

Qualities of a student
Sradha Opens the

channel for accepting
knowledge from the Guru.
Undivided attention,
commitment and

Bhakti. Devotion to


Jijnasu. Desire to learn

Qualities Sishya and Guru
Sishya. Learns to let go his own
likes/dislikes. Grows in emotional
maturity. Recognizes different
dimensions of teacher. Lives with
the teacher.
Guru. A role model.. Teaching is
not restricted to class room.
“Oral tradition” Verbally
trasmitted knowledge with no
writing. ( is it possible?)..
Learning by demonstrated values
of teacher.
Guru is considered to be no less
than God or even more.
Kabir..” when the lord and guru
are both standing before me
whom should I salute first?. Guru
First because it is he who helped
me to know God”

Example of sacred teaching
Bhadavad Gita. Arjuna
submitted to Krishna.
In 18th chapter Lord krishna
asked Arjuna whether his
dedlusion was cleared. Lord
would have continued till the
meassage was clear.
The teacher (Guru) has a
commitment to continue
teaching till the students gain
Student is willing to give
everything , Guru does not
want any thing.

Veda Vysa
A manifestation of...
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