Topics: Anton Chekhov, Love, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: March 24, 2014
Caleb Arauz
Professor Manzione
Spring English 1102 (06)
February 20, 2014
Gurov: Womanizer or Hopeless Romantic?

Dimitri Dmitritch Gurov is Anton Chekhov’s main character in “The Lady with the Dog.” Chekhov goes to great lengths unfolding Gurov’s change in character from an experienced and emotionless playboy to a hopeless romantic. When he meets Anna, the lady with the dog, he is doing so with selfish intentions. In time, Anna turns Gurov from a man of meaningless hookups to a man searching for his first true love, someone who ultimately ends up being enchanted by the innocent romanticism of his young lady friend. In the beginning of the story, the narrator makes no mistake in describing the laid-back womanizer character of Gurov. When Gurov’s character is introduced, he is sitting in a pavilion, taking an interest in new arrivals. The narrator tells us that he is married but is unhappy and started being unfaithful long ago. When he first lays eyes on Anna, his initial thoughts are, if she is on a leisure vacation by herself without the company of a husband, or any potentially cock-blocking friends, he wouldn’t see anything “amiss” in the making of her acquaintance (382). After smoothly utilizing Anna’s dog as an opening bridge for the impending relationship to develop, he walks side by side with her, and without her consent, looks at, speaks to and follows her with a secret motive of which she is completely unaware (383). Immediately, the reader should understand Gurov’s motives. He is a man in an unhappy marriage seeking pleasures elsewhere, and is captured by Anna’s youth, and most importantly her innocence (383). After building a relationship and sharing a kiss with Gurov, Anna receives news that she must return home as quickly as possible. At this point, the narrator explains that Gurov has not, and will not forget about this particular hookup. Anna then departs back to her home, and she takes his heart and soul with her: something no other woman...

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