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Topics: Public relations, Qantas, Boeing 747 Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: September 24, 2014

Australia’s famous airline Qantas was began in 1919 by two former flying corps officers. Main purpose of this establishment of Qantas airline was to link remote outback areas of Australia to overcome the difficulty of travelling those outback. Company expanded operations by providing airmail delivery services. Qantas also invested in a series of short C class empire flying Boats .with the flying boats, convenient use of water surfaces for takeoffs and landings. Despite years of growth and success, Qantas has faced numerous issues which has ultimately damaged the image of Qantas. For example, continuous engine troubles incidents one after another And failed publicity stunt on twitter made matters worst .

1) Repeatedly engine troubles incidents in a short time period i.e 4 months has questioned the reliability of Qantas. customers took it as management’s carelessness towards many lives who were travelling on it. 2)Failed publicity stunt. Qantas tried to improve its image which turned out to be negative for it and people took it as racist. 3)Strikes from union which caused sudden grounding of its entire fleet. 4)Lack of communication skills of top management.

c) What future actions can Qantas take to build a positive public perception of its brand? Justify your recommended actions ?  Ans:Qantas can go for following measures to change the public’s perception: Proper and regular maintenance of engines or machinery, more technical staff ,engineers etc needs to b hired.Old staff should be trained well in order to mitigate these kind of serious incidents.Qantas as one of the most leading airline should replace the old air crafts with new one to avoid mishaps. In Qantas luxury contest, public which was already being frustrated ,started criticizing the company with their negative comments on their engine failures, union strikes etc. Instead of being embarrassed of their poor service, they thanked their users for...
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