Guns on Campus

Topics: University, Firearm, Concealed carry in the United States Pages: 4 (1269 words) Published: May 7, 2012
The Right to Carry Handguns on Public Universities and College Campuses Bryan Anderson
Wayland Baptist University
RSWR 3345
Everyone will agree that the feeling of being safe allows us to function to our fullest potential. We would also agree that it is human nature to want to defend ourselves and those important to us to the best of our ability. In our nation’s recent past there have been events where the people were unable to do so, and in both situations the outcome was devastating. This work will assist in supporting that a change to present policies could prevent such events from occurring, or at the very least assist in deterring them. As well as enabling people with the capability to bring the situation to a quicker, less devastating end. Support for this work originates from personal experiences, on-line periodicals, and on-line databases. The end result should support that allowing Concealed Weapon Permit holders the right to carry handguns on public universities and college campuses will create a safer environment, and enable students and faculty members to protect themselves if the situation deems necessary.

The Right to Carry Handguns on Public Universities and College Campuses Imagine that you are a student at one of the nation’s many universities. On this day you’re sitting in a class trying to stay focused during a boring lecture, or maybe just chatting with fellow students in one of the many common areas. Nothing exciting is going on, just another ordinary weekday in the life of a college student. Suddenly, that peaceful scene is interrupted by what sounds like gun fire. “Impossible,” you think. “Never here.” But then you hear multiple shots along with anxious screams from your peers. What once was a calm, ordinary day, has now become chaotic as people duck for cover or try to run to safety. You are in disbelief when you finally see a man dressed in all black, armed with multiple weapons, taking aim and firing at...

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