Guns, Germs, and Steel

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Chapter 1
Even though Africa had a massive time advantage America had a much greater environmental diversity, so the Native American’s would have a advantage over thee Africans. Because of all the islands around Australia and New Guinea the colonist would travel to a new island and would adapt and populate the island. Because of this it brought an unprecedented golden age of successful human population explosions. Because of the population explosions, Australia would have had a massive head start that would of propelled human development for a long time. Chapter 2

The Maori and Moriori were of the same ancestry but they had gone to different islands with different types of environments, so the Moriori ended up being hunter gathers which didn’t allow the to feed non hunting people such as armies, craft specialists, bureaucrats and chiefs because they didn’t have the crop surplus that could be redistributed and stored. The Maori grew a lot of crops, which allowed them to feed armies, and craft specialist, which allowed them to be more technologically advanced. The larger the island allowed for more population density and the more people allowed for more advanced technology and politics. Chapter 3

The Europeans defeated the Incas because in Europe there was good terrain for riding horses and the horses were a major factor in the defeat of the Incas. Because of where the Spaniards were in Europe they did a lot of trading and was able to become a more advanced culture then the Incas. Chapter 4

Having fertile land allows you to grow food and support people like bureaucrats and chiefs which allowed the Europeans around the fertile crescent would have better technology. Having land that can support animals helps because from these animals you can produce food, clothing and the animals can also provide transport so you can take either yourself or cargo to a marketplace. Chapter 5

If you lived in the mountains or rocky areas then you couldn’t grow a lot of crops...
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