Guns and Other Weapons in School

Topics: Columbine High School massacre, Gun Control, Elementary school Pages: 4 (1482 words) Published: December 14, 2013

Guns and Other Weapons in School
If you watch the news, you might see a pattern in the violence among students around the world. Most of these attacks come from frustrated students wanting to harm teachers, students and school officials or themselves because of past difficulties like bullying or difficult home life but how can schools prevent these events from reoccurring? More cameras, yard duties, a metal detector? In the following pages I will discuss the dysfunctions and social disorders some students can have, the many influences and opportunities that parents unintentionally give their children, and the different kinds of steps the school, parents and society can take to promote the safety of others.

There have been many shooting in many around the United States in places like Nevada, California, Baltimore, Texas, North Carolina, Atlanta and the most known place Connecticut. Many of these events have happened recently and have happened in the past two years, the shooters were between the ages of twelve and twenty years old. The patterns associated with these shooters were that they had home life troubles, diagnosed with a social disorder and most killed themselves right after they completed their shootings, for example, the shooting that happened in Texas, Connecticut and Nevada all resulting with the gunman shooting himself. Another pattern is that every gunman was male according to Luis A. Cordon, the writer of Popular Psychology, states that most “social disorders occur in five percent of children, most of them male.” Also, a majority of the kids were victims of bullying and were unsatisfied with lives and felt the need to administer justice to their bullies.

In the Connecticut case the gunman’s name was Adam Lanza age 20, he killed 26 people at an elementary school injuring kindergarteners, faculty, his mother and himself. The officers found a total of three guns in his trunk, all owned by his mother who had bought them because she would allow...

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