Guns Allowed in School Buildings

Topics: Concealed carry in the United States, Gun, Firearm Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Guns Allowed In School Buildings
“On [ Feb. 1], Price Middle School located in Atlanta fell victim to yet another shooting in a rash of shootings that seem to be sweeping across the nation in the midst of the gun control debate” ( Landry). How can people make the choice to kill dozens of innocent children who just wanted to go to school and live their lives? More and more people are making these horrible decisions every day. There is one good solution to this epidemic, but parents and school boards are too scared to mention the topic. If teachers are allowed to carry guns in schools legally, there would be fewer chances of people wanting to act out violently. The thought of weapons being allowed in schools around children may seem like a scary thought at first, but there are many reasons why this is a great idea. What would happen if one teacher has a gun? According to Larry Elder, “A survey of 23,113 police chiefs and sheriffs across the country found that 62 percent of these top cops agreed that ‘a national concealed handgun permit would reduce rates of violent crime.’ About 80 percent of rank-and-file police officers, according to polls, support the right of trained citizens to carry concealed weapons.” If police officers support the use of weapons, why shouldn’t schools, because right now there is no way that a teacher can protect his/her students. In the event of an emergency the only thing to do is lock your doors and hide. Wouldn’t it be reassuring to parents knowing that their children are safe and there is a plan? Simply telling the students to hide under a table and stay quiet while they are in a life or death situation is a terrible option. If teachers were allowed to carry weapons around children many problems could occur. “Those who do oppose the bill see a problem. They argue that putting more guns in schools could lead to accidents, theft – or worse” ( Roberts). For example, in case a student might try to get access to the weapon, it...
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