Gung Ho Summary

Topics: Michael Keaton, Culture, Proposal Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: July 23, 2010
The Gung Ho Movie, starring Michael Keaton, is a great representation of the cultural differences that may arise between businesses when working together internationally. This movie, more specifically, expresses differences between the business approaches of America companies compared to Japanese companies. The plot is based on an American car factory that was shutdown and purchased by a Japanese company, Assan Motors. The factory is a lead source for the economy in the Midwestern town it is based in so it is important to keep the company going. The main actor, Michael Keaton, was motivated and aggressive with the proposal to keep the company running. He travels to Japan to make a presentation to Assan Motor management about continuing production. His attempt was successful. The company was re-opened but a Japanese management team was sent to help, guide, and monitor the American workers. These Japanese workers supervise and also collaborate with the American workers. Although the factory re-started, the wages were substantially lowered from the usual pay prior to the factory shutting down. The culture differences create obstacles and misunderstandings throughout the film. Japanese management demands a lot more productivity than the workers are used to. If productivity standards aren’t met, then overtime work is expected, without pay. In the beginning, it is clear that management lacks regard for the workers and their lives. The focus simply remains on productivity alone. This is unfamiliar to the American workers, which leads to them getting agitated. The relationships between the management team and the workers are also damaged due to the differences between cultures. Keaton portrays himself to be the group leader and attempts to mend the relationships but does not succeed at first. The management team almost came to a breaking point and gave up on the factory. Keaton steps in to protect the company. In his attempt, he proposes to match the best month of...
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