Gun Violence Speech Final Draft

Topics: Firearm, Gun politics in the United States, Weapon Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 21, 2015

Controlling Access to Guns
All we see in the world are negative actions, these actions paralyze us. They make the community impossible to move forward, to grow, to develop. Guns were given to us for protection when endangered, not for the careless random act of killing others. It seems that we are trying to protect ourselves from guns, and not the other way around. This is why the access of guns need to be controlled.

We must not bite the bullet of fear. Pursuing gun control disallow citizens with a violent criminal past from owning firearms. In addition, benefiting our nation who spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year treating the uninsured victims of our daily gun carnage. Horribly misguided and completely self-serving efforts of the gun crazies have made our world dangerous by misusing guns, where people felt the need to attend church and school armed.

Innocent citizens should not worry about receiving a phone call filled with bad news. We should not be the ones to pay for our lost love ones. We should not live in fear when letting our child go off to school. Assuming that they will make it to the last bell ring. We should not be immune to the reality of what is happening on the news. We should not let Second Amendment issues be settled this way. Taking reasonable steps to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people is setting our sights on safety. There has been numerous shootings at schools around the country. Many of us remember the day where twenty-six people who had died at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. Especially since twenty of them were children who ranged from five to ten years of age. This crime was committed by a mentally unstable man, Adam Lanza. The guns used were believed to have been purchased legally. But even with the legal purchase of the gun will not guarantee the safety of others if fallen into the wrong hands. All that is left to think about now is the “what if’s.” What if one of those...

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