Gun Violence in America

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Joseph Farley

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15 February 2013

The Gun Control Debate in America

The debate over Gun control has taken front and center in recent news head-lines. The communities and families whose lives have been effected by gun violence are speaking out. In an article titled “Newtown Open eyes to other gun violence against young people” Sarah Hoye explores how every day gun violence effects inner cities like Philadelphia on a daily basis. “Scott Charles walks briskly across a hospital lobby toward a group of high school students waiting to meet him. "Welcome," he said, panning their faces, "I work with gunshot patients. How many of you know somebody who's been shot?" Hands spring up into the air from roughly half of the more than 20 students. Without flinching, Charles continues his introduction. "What we're going to do today is take you behind the scenes, pull back the curtain and let you see what we do in treating gunshot patients," he said. It's all part of the Cradle To Grave program that Charles helped create to reduce violence in what is supposed to be the City of Brotherly Love.”

Among America's largest cities, Philadelphia's homicide rate is the worst. Guns are the weapons of choice, with more than 80% of homicides committed with a firearm, according to the most recent police statistics. African-Americans make up 85% of the victims. "Statistics suggest that as a young, black man, you have a greater chance of being shot and killed in Philadelphia than you would have if you were a soldier serving in the conflicts in Afghanistan or Iraq," Charles said. "That's absurd to me."(CNN pg 2) Gun violence is a regular problem in inner cites like these, but not exclusive to these parts.

Poppy Harlow and Ed Payne report in an article “Newtown Calls on Connecticut to ’Show America the Way’ on gun control” on how even the most unexpected places such as an Elementary School can fall victim to gun...
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