Gun Control Research Paper

Topics: United States Constitution, Gun politics in the United States, Firearm Pages: 4 (1578 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Isabella Correa

Research Paper: Gun Control Restrictions
According to the 2010 statistics presented by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, (UNODC,) in Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, and Japan, a total of 294 people were murdered by firearms. In the United States more than 22,000 people were murdered by firearms by the end of the year. The difference that exists among these countries and The United States is that in these countries is very difficult to buy a firearm. In fact these countries have rigorous gun laws. In contrast in the United States people can buy a firearm in a pawnshop, in Wal-Mart, online, arm shows, newspapers ads, Craigslist, almost anywhere. In this essay, I will argue a more clear meaning of the Second Amendment, and why I think that in the United States should create gun control policies. My first point requires me to explain more clearly the meaning of the Second Amendment. The right to bear arms was so important for the founding fathers that it occupies the second position in the United States Constitution. However, after many tragedies, such as homicides, theater shootings, and school massacres, it is necessary to set limits to this right. No right is unlimited, even those conferred by the Bill of Rights. For example, the First Amendment ensures the right of freedom of speech, but this amendment does not protect freedom of speech when it affects the rights of other people. Nobody can scream fire in a theater, if there is not fire, because to incite panic can cause harm. The above example shows that sometimes rights can easily get into conflict with other rights. The right of freedom of speech hinders the right of people in the theater to avoid being trampled. The same reasoning can be used to the second amendment. If the right to keep and bear a gun affects the safety of others, this right should be restricted in order to protect the safety of others....

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