Gun control Pros and Cons

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Alexander Boyce
Mrs. Phy
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Gun Control Pro and Con Essay

1 The topic of gun control creates controversy amongst all social classes and political parties with different views amongst each. 2 This dispute raises the question of whether gun control is good or bad for society. 3 As with any matter, the arguments for and against are generally based upon specific ideas or facts. 4 The arguments for gun control are generally based upon decreasing supply and access to the public while those against are based upon John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government and upon the human thought process.

1 With the hope of decreasing gun related deaths whether accidental or intentional, preventing these tragedies is approached by two methods, to limit the supply of guns and to restrict gun ownership. 2 Annually thousands of deaths occur as shown in 1999 where “28,874 firearm deaths occurred and [of those] 11,127 were by criminal means” (Krouse). 3 The thought is by limiting gun or ammunition supply it would lower the number of deaths. 4 Although suicide prevention is a concern, the fear of an accidental death of a child at the hands of another child or of the mass murder by a lone assailant and the emotional trauma associated with those tragedies appear to be behind some gun control arguments. 5 While some argue to limit guns even to the point of a complete ban, others argue for controlling gun ownership of criminals or mentally unstable individuals. 6 Some point to a study showing that “firearm fatalities have decreased continuously since 1993” (Krouse) which is just one year after the passing of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. 7 Although this does not directly limit the number of guns available to society, it does force criminals to find other sources, usually costing them time and money. 8 The arguments for limitations on the number of available guns and on who may own guns will...

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