Gun Control Outline

Topics: Mental health, Firearm, Crime Pages: 4 (1422 words) Published: February 23, 2014

Gun Control Speech Outline

General Goal: I want to inform my audience
Specific Goal: I want my audience to understand that gun control is not the answer to crime rates, suicide and homicide, but rather better and more mental health recognition and help and gun safety awareness.

I. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Newtown are just a few places where mass shootings have happened that have left people forever scarred and unable to forget. Because of these and other incidents, the gun control topic has been in the spotlight. There is no question that guns are a contributor to crimes and murders. However, does restricting and putting limitations on them really help control crime and murders or will this be taking legitimate protection away from those who are law abiding citizens? Will it also push criminals to use other means of destruction to commit crimes? I believe there is a better way. II. My brother in-law is an officer in the NYPD, and we have several close friends here in Grand Junction that are also police officers. We have spoken with them in depth about gun control. One of the biggest things that they have said that really stuck with me is, “Think about someone breaking into your house, you don’t own a weapon, and you, your kids, spouse, grandma, etc., are home alone or sleeping? You call 911, and I can promise you that even the closest help is more than 5 minutes away. Sit there and watch you watch for 5 minutes, and think about the endless possibility of horrible things that can happen in that amount of time. Now think about that same situation, only this time you have a plan. You have a weapon, locked in a safe, yet accessible place. III. Personally, I own a handgun for safety reasons. I have taken gun safety courses, and have done extensive research on gun laws, gun safety, and ways to make people who own guns or who want to own a gun, safer in doing so. IV. Let’s spend the next few minutes...

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