Gun Control Outline

Topics: Firearm, Government, Gun Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: May 6, 2013
a. Attention Grabber: Has anyone ever met gun shooting?
b. Thesis Statement: gun control policy is often developed as a result of some organizational crisis rather than as a matter of long term strategy. c. Significance: Since there a lot of terrorism happened recently, we should significance this point to protect our lives and should make some policy to protect our home. d. Preview Main Points: We should advise the government or campus to take some steps to better save help us keep away from terrorism, such as improve the gun control policy in our country. Body

Main point 1: The Effects of the Problem
We heard some news about the terrorism and other crimes recently, but we can’t say it won’t happen around us. The best way to avoid the tragic event is to notice the problem and then solve it. a. In San Leandro, a Chinese victim was shot by suspects. b. There are 4174 gun related crimes and 783 reported shooting in Oakland at 2012. c. Colorado Theater shooter carried 4 guns and killed 12 people. Main point 2: The causes of the Problem

We should realize the basic of the problem and try to care about the weak. And we should find out the cause of the problem which is the key point. a. the inequality and poverty; the family defect;

b. media wrongly spread information
c. historical and traditional information
Main point 3: The Solution to the Problem
a. As we are not willing to hear these events, we should suggest the government to come out some gun control policy for public and campus. Enhance the gun controlling. For example: Raise the guns or bullets price. Try to make the gun license’s text more difficult. Before b. All people will benefit from this solution since less guns, less tragic events. c. Also, we can set up check points in public and campus and spread the correct thinking through media to the people. Conclusion:

a. Review Main Point: we should take an eye on the security policy so...
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