Gun Control Laws

Topics: Firearm, Gun politics in the United States, Gun Control Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Effect of Gun Control Laws
Gun control laws have currently become a major debate in society. Increasing gun control laws may do the opposite of protecting citizens. Although if people think guns contribute to crime studies have shown otherwise. Crime rates may increase if the gun control laws become stricter than they already are now. The government is on a quest to control society’s recourses to guns and ammo because of the past terrorist and hate crime problems. The people trying to increase gun control laws do not take into consideration that the second amendment has already stated that the people have the right to bear arms. Yet, people don’t obey it even though it is a constitutional amendment. So what makes them think that wasting their time on creating another law is going to actually stop people from doing what they truly want to do? Creating more gun control laws has not stopped citizens from obtaining guns and ammo yet. Spending more money and time is not going to change their mind nor stop criminals from somehow getting what they want. Gun control law makers should focus on the benefits of guns.

There have been many incidents where gun owners have saved the lives of other people. For example, look at the shooting at the Appalachian Law School in Virginia, Ted Lang, the author of a blog, The Price of Liberty, explains “some of the potential victims had guns and were able to force the shooter to drop his gun. That made all the difference in preventing a real bloody massacre, but that didn’t motivate the media to evaluate the wrong-headedness of their unconstitutional agenda. “One might think this was an important element that should have been reported in the Washington Post story, especially since the man who had already killed three people and wounded three others would probably have tried to kill a lot more if he had not been stopped by the other students who themselves had guns” (Lang 1). Owning a weapon and being properly trained can stop someone...
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